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    ATM Industry Statistics: An Analysis of Forex Trading

    ATM Industry Statistics: An Analysis of Forex Trading

    The ‌worldwide ATM industry ‌ has grown significantly in‍ recent years,​ with more ⁣than ⁢3 million machines spread ‍across the world.‍ As⁣ the use of cash continues‌ to trail off in⁤ favor⁢ of digital payments, the landscape of the ⁣increased and more intricate‍ ATM industry is⁢ changing ‌as well. From‌ the prevalence of cash-dispensing​ ATMs to⁣ the⁤ growth of alternative devices such as smart-card readers ‍and cryptocurrency ATM machines, the ATMs of today offer a ‌diverse range ‍of services. To better understand the‍ current state of the ⁤ATM ⁣industry,​ let’s​ take⁤ a ‌look at⁢ the ⁢ data and trends available on ATM industry ‌statistics and forex. 1. The total number of different ⁤types⁢ of​ ATMs worldwide is estimated⁤ to‌ be more than⁣ 2.8‍ million, with approximately 1.5 million of those being ‍located in the United ⁤States.

    2. According to⁣ research from Statista, the global ATMs market is ⁤projected to reach ⁣a ‌total value ‍of more​ than $72 billion‍ by 2024, after⁤ growing at ‍a compound annual growth rate​ of 8.5% from‌ 2020 to 2024.

    3. In the US, there ⁢are estimated to be⁢ 400,000 ATMs, 60 percent of which ⁢are owned by non-bank entities​ such ‍as ‍independent retailers, casinos, and hotels. ‍

    4. According‌ to ATMIA, ⁤the total number of ATMs grew⁣ by‌ 7.23%‍ in 2019, with the biggest growth being seen in Oceania.

    5. Thanks to ‍the increasing popularity​ of ‌contactless payments, the use of ATMs has declined in recent years, especially‍ in Europe. According⁣ to Statista, the ​number of ATM⁣ transactions has fallen from 30.8 billion in ⁣2013 to ⁣24.7 billion in 2019.

    6.⁢ However, despite the decrease in⁤ transactions, the number of ATMs has continued to increase, suggesting ⁣that ⁤the machines ‌still have an important‌ role to play ⁤in providing customers with quick and easy ⁣access to cash.